A selection of our projects

HV Disconnection of Electromobiles

With our VR application for “HV Disconnection of Electromobiles”, work steps for the safe maintenance of electric vehicles are trained. Automotive garages throughout Germany can train their employees so quickly and cheaply for the repair of electric cars. The realistic presentation of a widely used hybrid vehicle enables practical training without the dangers of a real high-voltage system. The selection of e-cars is constantly expanding, because the work steps are different depending on the vehicle.

Ball Pen Mania

Ball-Pen-Mania is a show case for the use at trade fairs to demonstrate VR as a training medium. Using a ballpoint pen as an example, it shows how VR can be used for interactive knowledge transfer and how action sequences can be trained in the virtual world.

Concept, 3D-Assets, Development: senselab.io

Christiani AR2GO

An Augmented Reality app based on ARKit for iOS was developed for Christiani, a provider of teaching aids, which explains the structure and functionality of a training system. The app can be used in combination with the real physical machine as well as free of charge.


Concept: Torsten Fell and senselab.io
3D assets: Christiani and senselab.io
Development: senselab.io

Multiplayer AtomLab

The AtomLab shows a maintenance sequence in a fictitious power plant, in which two workers have to cooperate and monitor each other in order to solve the maintenance task assigned to them. The structure uses HTC Vive’s room-scale tracking, and allows both players to be in the same room, real or virtual.

In addition, there is a tablet app that allows a trainer to track the progress and intervene in a supportive or challenging manner.


Our MolecularLab demonstrates how VR can be used to impart basic knowledge. The basics of chemistry and the structure of the most important organic molecules can be learned and explored in a playful way.

VR House

For use in sales and marketing, we develop the “VR House” for mobile VR platforms for our customer ViaR GmbH. In an interactive tour, different products from the SmartHome and energy supply sectors can be made immersively tangible.