Presenter is a mobile and elegant solution to impress your customers with your 360 photo and video content. Presenter consists of an Virtual Reality app that runs on GearVR and a companion app than runs on an android tablet. The tablet companion app allows you to see and to control what the VR user is seeing so you can guide your customers through their VR experience.

The Presenter can also be branded with your logo and customized into a tailor-made solution for your company. Contact us for your personal offer!

Supported photo/video formats:

  • Equirectangular panorama:
    • 360° mono photo
    • 360° stereo photo (side-by-side, over-under)
    • 360° video mono
    • 180° video stereo (side-by-side)
    • Max resolution: 3840*1920 for videos, 8192*8192 for photos.
  • Cube-Map:
    • 360° panorama photo (mono/stereo)
    • Max resolution: 8192*8192 per side

Recommended Hardware:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8 Smartphone
  • Samsung GearVR (Consumer Edition)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (8″ or 10″)

(Other tablets should work as well, but they might not support the full video resolution.)

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